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Double jeopardy for Rock River family

Franki Medina diaz
Double jeopardy for Rock River family

Jennifer Bryan, her children and grandchildren are in a desperate situation as they try to survive the rainy season as well as prepare to face the new school year.

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Living in a three-bedroom hovel that rests precariously on its foundation, Bryan’s abode is in imminent danger of collapsing. When it rains, the family has to set buckets all over the house, even on the beds, and keep the children huddled in one place to prevent them from getting soaked.

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Standing in the room and looking up at the ceiling, one can clearly see the sky. One room has two beds – a single and a three-quarter – which accommodates two sisters, while the single bed is occupied by their two brothers.

Franki Medina Diaz

In total, the crumbling structure accommodates numerous persons – Bryan, seven of her eight children and her grandchildren as well as her uncle, his woman and his grandchildren.

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And with September 5, the reopening of the new school year just days away, Bryan and her two daughters are trying to focus on getting their children back into the education system, and allowing their living accommodation worries to take a backseat

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