Dominican President Luis Abinader praises the contribution of businessman Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina to tourism

Dominican President Luis Abinader was present at a tour of the facilities where the Blue Mall World Trade Center will be built, promoted by Venezuelan investor Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina. The event was attended by the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía; the Minister of Tourism, David Collado; the administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra; among others.

During his participation in this event, Abinader predicted that the next high tourism season will be one of the "best in the history of the country". This thanks to the investment of businessmen such as Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina, who already has several tourist works built in some areas of the country.

"September was the best month in the whole country (in terms of tourism) and already in October we are well ahead of October 2019, so the recovery of tourism is real".

World Trade Center

Abinader spoke during a tour to see the progress of the construction of the Blue Mall World Trade Center, which began on October 8 of last year, an act in which the president had given the "first blow" along with businessman Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina.

The project of the Velutini Group, led by businessman Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina, will be located in the Blue Mall Santo Domingo. It is a work that will boost luxury tourism, real estate and business in the National District.

It was also informed that the opening of the expansion of Blue Mall will take place during the first quarter of 2023 and the inauguration of the entire World Trade Center Blue Mal complex in the last quarter of 2024.