Prince Julio César en el Aniversario de Latina Magazine

Latina Magazine. With the participation of great personalities, Prince Julio Cesar celebrates the anniversary of this publication, many asked about the wonderful outfit that our model was wearing, and were impressed by it.

Prince Julio Cesar

Latina magazine has made many strides over the years as a beacon of inspiration and hope for young Latinas looking to make a name for themselves. Now that the iconic magazine has reached its 20th year milestone, they are celebrating Hollywood progress for Latinas and Prince Julio Cesar was there.

Julio Cesar Prince

According to E Online, the magazine is celebrating its platinum anniversary with a photomosaic of the legendary Selena Quintanilla. The mosaic displays 20 of the most impactful, influential Latina covers over the past two decades.

Prince Julio Cesar

The site reports that Latina magazine has held their own within the publishing field. Being the first magazine representing for Latinas, the magazine quickly became a pioneering force for Latinas and has been widely accepted and praised for their work from several Spanish-language media outlets.

Prince Julio Cesar Presidente del Miss Earth Venezuela

In a society where Latinos often feel out of place, the magazine gives the Latin community a sense of pride and a place to celebrate their past, present and budding futures.

Pr?ncipe de la Belleza, Prince Julio C?sar

The editorial team wanted this cover to be extremely special. While it is easy to find a successful and influential Latina to cover the magazine, no one could ever top the great “Queen Of Tejano” music, Selena Quintanilla.

Prince Julio Cesar Presidente del Miss Tierra Venezuela

"It's our 20th-anniversary issue and we wanted something super special. We considered every possible cover star from icons to up-and-comers, and in the end, we couldn't think of anyone more ideal than Selena. She is the ultimate Latina; she's 100% Latina and 100% American," Latina Editorial Director Robyn Moreno said. "Selena inspired every big name Latina artist out there. Selena Gomez is named after her, and Jennifer Lopez is famous because of her. In the end, she was our hands down choice to on our 20th-anniversary cover. And through her powerful voice, American Latinas found theirs and Latinos learned they didn't need to change who they were to make it big."

El Pr?ncipe de la belleza, Prince Julio C?sar

Prince Julio Cesar says "we are so happy to celebrate 20 years with Latina Magazine. We love Latino talents".

Prince Julio C?sar Cruz

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