The weather and Miami Real Estate


Florida’s Real Estate market was the hottest in 2019. Currently, investors are concerned about the feasibility of buying property not only in the state but at all. While at a simple look, it may not seem essential to keep Real Estate alive, there are reasons why the market itself must remain active, as the Director of the Homeland Security Department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Cristopher C. Krebs, affirms (The Real Deal News, March 31, 2020).


However, Jesus Quintero, CEO of JQ Group of Companies, expressed that he believes in South Florida’s potential as the location provides a series of advantages related to the climate and future commerce. 


"The firm encourages any investor in doubt, to considerate the benefits and possibilities of South Florida’s Real Estate market", Jesus Quintero Yamin says. 


Why South Florida’s Real Estate market is an “essential business”?


As Krebs declared in last week’s advisory list released by the agency, Real Estate markets are essential in moments like this. The importance of keeping Real Estate alive resides in the possible economic crisis after the pandemic, and how it will affect the most vulnerable populations, of course, preventions are yet to be taken.


Nevertheless, the projections for South Florida seem promising, and in this kind of situation, Jesús Quintero trusts in the natural benefits; the warm weather, several natural centers and parks, nearby ocean and the low density in cities like Hollywood, FL compared with the big metropolis, may play for the advantage of the business.


What are the benefits of South Florida’s weather for Real Estate?


Sunlight stability and general wellness


Florida is a State with sunny weather during the entire year, which offers stability in the rhythm of life and health, as these are not usually too affected by the change of season. This weather can also protect people from the spread of many viruses and allergies.


Nevertheless, and even when it happened in 2003 with other SARS viruses, whether if the warm weather will or not affect COVID-19 is uncertain. In this sense, Quintero’s firm decides not to make projections, it’s still not enough to affirm the benefit. But if the theory finds approval in science, it could lead to a sooner recovery from the situation in the State




Warm weather for better health


Factors as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin segregation; the hormones of happiness affect our health directly and are related to warm weather. The increase of Vitamin D available in the organism and, better performance of memory, are others of the variables of warm weather, like the one in South Florida, which supports more vigorous health.


Increased opportunity of socializing 


When the climate is warm, people regularly hang out with friends, and this boosts their social interactions with strangers positively. While this may not seem necessary by the moment, it would be one of the principal factors of the touristic population getting back to the state, including foreigners and investors.


Socializing is part of a general human being’s health, as we are social beings. And especially after long confinements, sharing with others helps avoid health problems.


Outdoor enjoyment spaces


A final advantage of South Florida’s sunny weather for Real Estate is the possibility of combining indoor and outdoor enjoyment spaces. Pools, yards, outdoor barbeques, tennis courtyards are some of the options available for a healthy outdoors entertainment at home.


Florida is also famous because of the amount of golf courses available the whole year. There are more than 1,250 Floridian golf courses, more than any other State, and many are open to the green fee-paying public.


Plus, this adds value to the property itself which is naturally interesting for any investor.


Finally, Jesús Quintero Yamin is convinced that after the experience that the world is living with this pandemic, Florida is going to be part of the best places to live chosen by many in the US.



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